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Telephone Factory Reset Guides (4)
NameDate UploadedFile Size
Document - Yealink T4 series telephone factory reset12/06/202312/06/2023685.28 KB
Document - Factory reset Yealink T58 telephone26/05/202326/05/20232.41 MB
Document - Reset Gigaset BASE to factory defaulst26/05/202326/05/2023143.39 KB
Video - Factory Reset Yealink telephone25/05/202325/05/2023N/A
Softphone App Guides (20)
NameDate UploadedFile Size
Document - CallSwitchOne mobile app quick start03/04/202403/04/2024762.54 KB
Document - CallSwitchOne app install guide03/04/202403/04/20242.04 MB
Document - access central phone book on mobile Communicator26/05/202326/05/202391.22 KB
Document - CallSwitch Communicator CHAT function26/05/202326/05/202387.47 KB
Document - Increasing the time for an inbound call alert on CallSwitch Communicator26/05/202326/05/202383.48 KB
Document - Visual Status Indicators for CallSwitch Communicator softphone App25/05/202325/05/202398.70 KB
Video - CallSwitch Communicator Softphone App Laptop Desktop Version overview25/05/202325/05/2023N/A
Video - Selecting audio device to use with CallSwitch Communicator25/05/202325/05/2023N/A
Video - CallSwitch Communicator Audio Device check25/05/202325/05/2023N/A
Video - CallSwitch Communicator presentation number selection25/05/202325/05/2023N/A
Video - CallSwitch Communicator selecting softphone option in settings25/05/202325/05/2023N/A
Document - Horizon PC Soft Client User Guide V5 with Collaborate May 202025/05/202325/05/20231.40 MB
Document - Horizon iOS Soft Client User Guide V3 May 2020 G25/05/202325/05/2023867.27 KB
Document - Horizon Android Soft Client User Guide V5.0 May 202025/05/202325/05/20231.01 MB
Document - Collaborate Quick Ref Guide Getting Started25/05/202325/05/20231.40 MB
Document - CallSwitch Communicator Smartphone Call Transfer25/05/202325/05/2023453.23 KB
Document - CallSwitch Communicator Mobile App Quick Start Guide25/05/202325/05/2023595.11 KB
Document - CallSwitch Communicator device settings25/05/202325/05/2023221.70 KB
Document - CallSwitch Communicator Desktop App Quick Start Guide Nov 2125/05/202325/05/20231.08 MB
Document - CallSwitch Communicator App Quick Install Guide Nov 2125/05/202325/05/2023350.75 KB
Hosted VOIP Telephony (14)
NameDate UploadedFile Size
Document - Grandstream WP820 key lock21/06/202321/06/202316.60 KB
Document - CallSwitch Contact Centre Supervisor Call Listening26/05/202326/05/2023189.91 KB
Document - Adding Agents to Contact Centre queues26/05/202326/05/2023282.28 KB
Document - Yealink W series cordless DECT walkabout phone set up26/05/202326/05/202323.81 KB
Document - CallSwitch Contact Centre Agent overview26/05/202326/05/2023143.95 KB
Document - CallSwitch Contact Centre Supervisor Overview26/05/202326/05/2023370.30 KB
Document - Setting up CallSwitch Contact Centre Reports26/05/202326/05/2023889.89 KB
Document - CallSwitch Fault Reporting26/05/202326/05/202319.12 KB
Video - Xelion VOIP telephony, for when you only want Apps25/05/202325/05/2023N/A
Video - Remote working , using your work office Yealink T46S desk phone at home25/05/202325/05/2023N/A
Document - Yealink W52P Call Transfer etc25/05/202325/05/20231.34 MB
Document - User setting up extension voicemail25/05/202325/05/2023463.13 KB
Document - Firewall ports to open for Callswitch26/05/202326/05/202328.17KB
Document - EHS36_User_Guide_V1.625/05/202325/05/20231.03 MB
General Telephony & Internet Access (15)
NameDate UploadedFile Size
Document - Protection for the Vulnerable during 2025 move to digital telephony12/03/202412/03/202422.50 KB
Document - Understanding 4G and 5G19/10/202319/10/2023200.19KB
Document - Fit to Switch18/10/202318/10/2023212.96 KB
Document - Warning: WLR UK Stop sell announced by Openreach ahead of 2025 switch off05/09/202305/09/202322.06 KB
Video - 2025 telephone line and FTTC switch off21/06/202321/06/2023N/A
Document - Powering off a DECT walkabout handset26/05/202326/05/2023421.88 KB
Document - what is SIP ALG and how to disable26/05/202326/05/202324.29 KB
Document - PoE network switches, what you need to know26/05/202326/05/202331.12 KB
Document - TP LInk MR600 router user guide26/05/202326/05/202312.13 MB
Video - Various types of Business Internet Access25/05/202325/05/2023N/A
Document - Benefits of Hybrid Working25/05/202325/05/2023139.24 KB
Video - Call Phoenix Link if you want to work with the best provider25/05/202325/05/2023N/A
Video - Openreach copper telephone line switch off 202525/05/202325/05/2023N/A
Document - Robustel R1510 User Guide25/05/202325/05/20234.90 MB
Document - Firewall best practices to block ransomware25/05/202325/05/2023220.19 KB

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