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Mobile Business Phone

Replicate your Business Telephone System on your Mobile

The CallSwitch Communicator Mobile app is available for all CallSwitch Business users. Yes it really does mean that you can dump the desk phone or walkabout but retain all the benefits of a business telephone system. More and more of our clients are using the softphone app either exclusively or extensively to enhance their business days.

Allowing you to easily answer any incoming calls to your main number or DDI via an app on your mobile, it ensures you are always available wherever you are working.

Replicating your business telephone system, outbound call number presentation, IVR, queues, hunt groups, calls diverts, call transfers, voicemail system, and conferencing all continue to work as they would within the office, meaning no calls go unanswered irrespective of where you are.

If you are looking for support with telephones in Kent look no further.

  • Make and receive calls from anywhere
  • Transfer call to contacts and externally
  • View colleague availability with Presence status
  • Face-to-face video calls using CallSwitchMeet mobile App
  • Add favourite contacts for quick dialling
  • Access voicemails including voicemail to email

if you have any questions at all regarding business telephony, VOIP, business internet access etc.