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Audio and Web Conferencing

Are you using audio and web conferencing services?

You may think of audio conferencing as a thing of the past with such as MS Teams, Zoom and Facetime being easy and substantially free. However professional , recordable audio conferences are still great for important geographically dispersed client or sales meetings and for impromptu " solve it urgently" type discussions where other solutions are just not viable.

Web , desktop to desktop , meetings and collaboration are also very time efficient and a cheap and easy way of driving projects along.

So .….. is your business using audio and web conference services ?

If not why not? You should be talking with Phoenix Link about audio and web conference  services as the value they add far out weighs the cost and you only pay for what you use. Call Phoenix Link on 01227 200625 to discuss or email for details.

We are a long term value added partner for audio and web conferencing with the InterCall Europe network which is part of the largest dedicated conferencing service provider in the world. Conferencing services are ideal for a business that has a diverse sales force , geographically separated work force , home workers , complex technical product/services or large projects.

These easy to use conferencing services save you time & money and provide for faster, better decision making and they also allow you to be more inclusive with your suppliers and clients. You can have a full and fruitful business conference conversation from your car on your mobile quickly and easily with our services.

Our keen pricing on both the Audio and Web Conferencing and the unified meeting (web conferencing) services means that , for example , you can have a conference for 10 people for 30 minutes for less than £15 + VAT. Just compare that to the cost of having those 10 people travel to a meeting!

Importantly; you only pay for what you use, there are no service rental standing charges.

Reservationless-Plus audio conference services do not require a prior reservation or an operator ; just set-up your conference whenever you like. The MS Outlook Plug-In and Meeting Connect Mobile Assistant make setting up conferences quick and easy , and you can even record you calls. The link below will give you more information:

Unified Meeting services provide audio, web and video in one feature rich collaborative meeting package. Massively improve productivity without the time and expense of travel. The link below will give you more information :

We can, if appropriate, arrange for product training and even trial accounts.

There are absolutely no fixed costs; you just pay for what you use so why not contact us to arrange to have an account set-up for you... you have nothing to lose and much to gain!