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Mobile Internet and Wireless Networks

Wireless Network for Business 

Need mobile internet for a temporary site, a site without wired internet ?, a site with slow internet ? a site that needs 4G mobile internet as a backup .... the list goes on. We can provide business grade LTE 4G routers and mobile broadband SIM cards on a rolling monthly basis.

Got internet access but need WiFi in your offices, warehouse, school, yard ?

Phoenix Link provides reliable indoor and outdoor wireless networks for schools, offices, hospitals, hotels etc. If your wireless network isn't delivering what you need (or you don't currently have a wireless network) then we would be very interested in meeting with you to discuss what benefits wireless can provide for you. Call 01227 200625 or email

We use Ruckus wireless kit (including the market leading Ruckus Unleashed products) which we think is the best available for business as it consistently out performs Cisco , Meru etc. and it's more cost competitive. Ruckus is especially effective when there are a lot of conflicting wireless devices or users , when there are lots of different types of devices connecting simultaneously (PC , laptop , tablet , smart phone , CCTV etc.) , or when the network needs different configurations for different users.

Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi is WLAN Management-as-a-Service that enables enterprises with limited IT resources to easily set-up, monitor, and manage a high-performance WLAN of any size, (including multi site) without compromising on Wi-Fi performance.

Move faster, do more

Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi features an intuitive, intent-driven user interface that gives IT its day back. Simplified dashboards and alerts available on the desktop or mobile app.

"Good enough" is not good enough

It used to be that the convenience of cloud-managed WLAN came at a cost - that was "good enough" !! Wi-Fi that worked most of the time, if conditions were right. With Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi, you don't need to make that trade-off. You get the same AP feature and the same innovations-like BeamFlex+ and ChannelFly - that have made Ruckus the industry's performance leader.

Experience worry free scaling

Whether you're deploying a handful of APs or thousands, a single site to hundreds, Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi has you covered. Operating at true cloud scale, Cloud Wi-Fi lets you build and expand your network quickly and without hassle. Then it lets you manage the entire network no matter how large.

Investment protection-because stuff happens

Business isn't always predictable. Management changes. Policies change. With Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi, your WLAN can change, too. If you decide to shift WLAN management from the public cloud to your own local facilities or data center, your APs can be reconfigured - all of your APs will work with any Ruckus controller platform.

What distinguishes Ruckus Wireless Solutions?

Ruckus Smart Wi-Fi technology redefines what's possible in network performance with flexibility, reliability and affordability. They call it Pervasive Performance. It is a combination of innovative features needed to achieve the goal of delivering the most consistent and highest-speed wireless performance possible - anywhere, everywhere, all the time. The various components that are absolutely necessary to achieve this unprecedented level of wireless performance are:

Adaptive Signal Control Interference Mitigation
Capacity-driven Channel Assignment
Dynamic Polarization Diversity
Maximized Signal Strength
Network Capacity Optimization

Ruckus is the only wireless vendor that can provide all of the components necessary to deliver Pervasive Performance. It's simply the smartest wireless for a mobile world

if you have any questions at all regarding business telephony, VOIP, business internet access etc.