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Cloud Telephony

Inbound Numbers

Telephone numbers that you decide where it rings because its not attached to a physical telephone line.

Inbound Numbers

Inbound Numbers

Inbound Numbers

Inbound numbers are very powerful, but what is an inbound number?


It's a telephone number that you choose where it rings when someone calls it.  It can be a local telephone number or from an area of your choice.  You can choose where it rings as it is not attached to a physical telephone line.  There are many benefits to being able to do this, for example people are not put off by you not having a local number, they dial your telephone number with its local area code but you are actually in your office in London/Paris/Glasgow....  These numbers can also be used to call mobile phones, so you can have a telephone number for a specific member of staff that rings directly to their mobile without giving out their private mobile number.


Other benefits include being able to queue calls, call forwarding, call diverting, recording calls and sending calls to voicemails.


We can also route calls from abroad to a UK landline using an inbound number, locations including;

Belgium Italy
Canada Luxembourg
Croatia Netherlands
Cyprus Norway
Denmark Poland
France Portugal
Germany Spain
Greece Sweden
Hungary Switzerland
Ireland USA











Other than the everyday benefits this would enable you to retain your business telephone numbers if you moved offices, even if you moved out of your local area.  It also has the bonus of being able to use different numbers for different business purposes including advertising and marketing campaigns which is great for when you want to look at the statistics of such campaigns.  This also means that this option is perfect for your disaster contingency plan to ensure that you don't miss those important client and supplier calls.


As Inbound Numbers are hosted in "the cloud", on a data server connected to the PSTN (Public Switch Telephone Network), calls made to that number can be routed to any device, anywhere that can receive a telephone call, anywhere in the world!!

All of this from as little as £9 + vat per month..........

Just call 01227 200625 to discuss or email ask@telephoneskent.com for details

Inbound Numbers for Business

Inbound Numbers Advanced Statistics

For additional information on the areas we cover and the range of services we provide please contact us or call us on 01227 200 625.