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So What is Cloud Telephony?

Well, very simply, cloud hosted VoIP telephony works in much the same way as a traditional telephone system but without the control unit (PBX) being located on the office wall or in the server cabinet.  Phoenix Link provides a variety of cloud based VoIP telephony options including the CallSwitch platform.

Market research has shown that most UK businesses believe they need a better communications network to deliver higher customer service levels.  This is possible with cloud hosted VoIP telephony as it is very flexible, configurable, feature rich, economic, expandable and importantly it's very cost effective.

The Smartphone CallSwitch Communicator App allows user to have full VoIP telephone system functionality without actually having a telephone system / desk handset.... it's all on your apple/android phone.  This is incredibly useful for a business whose staff are often out of the office, on site, working from home or frequently "hot desk" or for schools and factories that have caretakers and maintenance staff with no need for a desk / handset.

Call us on 01227 200625 or email and we will gladly talk you through the options to find the right VoIP telephony set up for your business.


The Key benefits of VoIP, hosted, cloud telephony

There are potentially huge benefits of moving to VoIP telephony.  These benefits include;


No more telephone line rentals (but lots more lines!!) and no telephone number DDI rental

Reduced call charges... with internal calls being free and beneficial call packages in some cases including all outbound to 01, 02, 03, and 07 calls

Many features included in the price.  These include IVR's, voicemail, call recording, number presentation, auto attendant, hunt groups, call groups, call queue and much more

Reduced maintenance and service charges


VoIP desk handsets can be used anywhere that there is a suitable internet connection.  Geography is not longer a limitation

Research shows that one of the main reasons for cloud hosted VoIP telephony integration is its potential to mobilise the work force.  Essentially using VoIP as the access route allows businesses to be more flexible by benefiting from advanced communication features while, at the same time, reducing the cost of calls and the cost of ownership

Virtual mobile softphone apps available for Smartphones and Desktop/Laptom means that business and work calls never have to be missed.  This is also a great option for employees working from home.


VoIP cloud-based handsets simply need an internet connection to enable them to work anywhere in the world

The great thing about our services is that you can have an individual configuration set up at each of your sites to ensure it works best your business overall.

User control

User control through a web portal for things like call recording, voicemail set up etc.  Call history is easily viewed and voicemail to email delivers the voicemail direct to the chosen employee

Redundancy, business continuity and disaster contingency planning is inherent because the inbound calls can easily be redirected, the handsets moved and outbound calls made presenting the office number irrespective of location

For more information call Phoenix Link on 01227 200625 or email for details.

What is CallSwitch ?

CallSwitch is a cloud based VoIP telephony platform that provides your business with telephones without the need for an on premises control unit.  All that the telephone handset requires to work is suitable internet access, so mobile and multi site use is easy to configure.  The CallSwitch system works particularly well with business grade Yealink handsets, we generally default to the Yealink W41s as a standard desk phone for business use.

The CallSwitch telephony system also includes the Desktop/Laptop Communicator softphone which can be used to supplement the desk handsets or be used as a standalone solution.

The CallSwitch telephony system can be provisioned for use in any size business environment, single or multi-site.

Often there is a concern, when moving to a VoIP cloud based telephony system, about the potential insufficiency of either internet access or internal cabling.  This is generally unfounded as one of the benefits of the Yealink telephone handsets are that they have inbuilt 2 port switches to allow a single ethernet cable to be used for both the desktop PC/Laptop and the telephone handset.  A VoIP call takes less than 100kb of internet bandwidth.

CallSwitch features include;

Ring Groups

Call Queues

Call Transfers

Call Forwarding

Voicemail (including voicemail to email)

Call Recording

DDI Telephone Numbers (Direct Dial Internal)

BLF (Busy Light Field) LED indicators of whether or not a user is engaged on a call

IVR (Auto Attendant)

Call Logs

Do Not Disturb

Directories (internal and external)

Remote Support and Changes

Softphone Application (for PC, Laptop and Smartphone)