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12th November 2019

Yealink has come out on top for the SIP phones for a second consecutive year with a market share of 27.3% in 2018 and also received the highest customer satisfaction rating for its VoIP phones in the SME sector.

The “Acoustic Shield” technology used in Yealink phones brings HD distraction-free voice clarity which can remove background noise; and for conference units the AI-power feature automatically detects and suppresses non-human voices to optimise conference efficiency.

The recently introduced T5 series business phones comes equipped with adjustable HD displays, supports cordless DECT handsets and provide distraction free communication with “Acoustic Shield” technology.

Yealink has developed an increased product portfolio integrated seamlessly with MS Teams, which will soon be available with the CallSwitch platform.

If its time for a telephony change then CallSwitch and Yealink combine to provide the ideal solution

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