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1st February 2021

Over the next five years there will be some forced changes to internet access and telephony that will impact your business.

For example, standard FTTC and ADSL broadband will no longer be available. These will be migrated to IP based services.

Another example will be that as a result of the move away from analogue and ISDN based services telephony will have to move to VOIP.

The attached .ppt will give you an outline of the changes that will happen and the planned timelines but we would suggest that you don’t wait. Plan now and action soon.

Clients already using FTTP or lease lines and associated VOIP products area already ahead of the curve but if you are still reliant on, in particular,  ISDN telephony; then now is the time to be considering a move to VOIP

The internet access options are not all available yet so migrating your broadband is not yet a priority  (indeed not even an opportunity for many yet) but keep a watching brief.

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