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Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud Communications

28th January 2019

A  survey of 1,000+ decision makers across eight European countries by a major VoIP provider reveals business attitudes to public, private and hybrid adoption of cloud communications

  • 81% of European companies are adopting cloud communications to gain innovative capabilities
  • 84% of European respondents say the cost of cloud migration is the key factor in calculating ROI
  • 62% of European businesses prefer to rely on a cloud and unified communications specialist 

The survey comes against the backdrop of rapid growth in the cloud communications sector, whether public, private or hybrid. The latest forecasts estimate the compound annual growth rate of the cloud-based unified communications sector to be 14% up to 2023 in Western Europe.

Innovation at the heart of cloud migration
In an increasingly connected world, companies need to transform and adopt the latest communications and collaboration technology innovations to remain attractive and competitive. Reflecting this, 81% of European companies rated access to innovative features not available with traditional telephony solutions as their main motivation for migrating to a cloud model.
As cloud technology delivers faster and easier access to key productivity tools, companies now view certain functionality as indispensable in effective cloud communications solutions. Unified communication features, including presence, secure instant messaging, and voice and video calls, are top of their “must-have” list with nearly nine in 10 (89%) European companies surveyed considering them essential. Advanced collaboration functions, such as audio and video conferencing and seamless content sharing follow with 41% of companies citing them as essential.
Here at Phoenix Link we focus on bespoking the cloud telephony solution features to suit each of our business clients individually and thereby providing the most business benefit
Migration costs are critical for measuring Return on Investment
The costs of migrating existing telephony architecture to the cloud are deemed to be the most important for businesses, compared with other costs such as change management expenses, and equipment and maintenance. Around 84% of European companies reported migration costs as the primary factor to consider when it comes to Return on Investment. The performance improvements businesses can expect from the cloud are deemed heavily dependent on the quality of underlying IT systems , for example internet access speed and quality.
At Phoenix link we aim to minimise the migration costs , where possible spreading them over a period of time. We take great care when looking at the internet access available and if it isn’t sufficient we wont recommend cloud telephony to the client.

Businesses are looking for cloud expertise
According to the research, 62% of European businesses report a need for experienced advisors to help them migrate to the cloud in a manner that makes the most sense for their organization. Cloud deployments are considered a critical part of business’ long-term communications strategies, and companies are investing in expertise to guarantee future success.
Phoenix Link has the experience and knowledge to offer structured , bespoke advice to prospective and existing clients when considering the move to cloud telephony


The survey was conducted in eight European countries: Germany, Spain, France, Italy, the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Sweden, and Switzerland.
A total of 1,003 company executives, representing all business verticals, gave their opinion about their perception of cloud communications and their motivation to migrate from an on-site traditional model to a model integrating the cloud.