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Hosted/Cloud Telephony

1st October 2018

Hosted or Cloud telephony is a version of VoIP ( Voice over Internet Protocol ) , or put simply telephone calls over an internet connection.

Hosted or cloud telephony utilises business grade telephone system hardware that resides in a data centre with business grade internet access ,rather than at your business premises , and connects to the telephone handsets in your office over an internet connection ; for example your business broadband.

The benefit of this over traditional IP handsets ( or indeed digital or analogue handsets ) connected to an “on premise” telephone system ( perhaps a Panasonic , Toshiba , Avaya , Samsung or similar ) is that the hosted telephone system hardware doesn’t “care” where the handsets are located as long as they have a suitable internet connection . So suddenly you are not geographically limited by your business telephone system ; you can locate your telephone handsets anywhere …. and you can move them at will …. just so long as the telephone handset has internet access.

You also benefit from not having to upgrade firmware or licences on your telephone system ( as it gets older ) as this is generally included as part of your handset feature subscription fee and even very small companies can enjoy the telephone system feature benefits that would have previously been too expensive to deploy … such as call queuing , auto attendant , voicemail to email , call logging , call recording and the like .

Most telephone calls are often included within the telephone handset feature subscription charge therefore making the cost of hosted or cloud telephony very predictable.