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EE's 5G in the UK

3rd June 2019

EE has launched their 5G services first in the UK but we quickly learned that unless you live in a particular part of the right city there is zero use for the services.

Belfast, Birmingham, Cardiff, Edinburgh, London and Manchester are the lucky cities to be turned onto 5G from the get-go, however the lowest-priced deal is an eye watering £54 a month (plus the cost of a 5G handset).

Looking at the EE 5G coverage map over London it looks patchy at best.

Vodafone are also on the cusp of launching their services (due in a few weeks). A bit of competition can do wonders to a market, and the prices offered.

Also, the speeds delivered aren’t quite what we thought 5G would be delivering. EE has suggested that 150-200Mbps is a realistic speed to expect with 1Gbps reached at quiet times.

5G will really set to turn the dial for IoT and the connected home. The rise of the smart home, and the smart office, will provide an endless supply of opportunity in connecting ‘things’ and then providing analytics back to users to enable them to live and work more efficiently.