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31st March 2020

The current C-19 pandemic will pass and your business needs to be in good shape to move forward as rapidly as possible when it does.

  • You have to be available for and answering your clients calls during the current crisis. You have to answer the client calls quickly and effectively even if your place of business is closed. Why ? So that they know you are still there and will be in a position to provide them with products and services either now or in the future.
  • Check in with your clients to see if there is anything they need that you can help or support them with
  • Plan for a more effective and efficient business post COVID-19

We can help support you by:

  • Configuration of your Phoenix Link supplied VoIP telephony
  • Adding “Virtual VoIP” to your Panasonic ISDN2e telephone system
  • 4G mobile broadband router internet access
  • Quotes without site visit from detailed requirement description or “virtual surveys”
  • Suggestions such as (1) have your tried the service if you are unable to man your telephone(s) effectively yourself? (2) the video conferencing application for keeping in touch with clients, colleagues, friends and family

If you need us we are here to try and help. Email or call 01227 200625