ISDN business telephone lines are due to be phased out in the UK in 2025 but until then we can provide ISDN2 and ISDN30e telephone lines for your business. However you would probably be better off with SIP telephone lines or channels for your business. These are cheaper than traditional business telephone lines , quicker to provision , feature rich and portable. SIP trunks require a suitable broadband connection which we can provide along with business grade SIP trunks . As a somewhat unique provision with SIP trunks we are providing Sip Trunk Call Manager (STCM )  which allows , via a portal or mobile app , you to control inbound call routing and therein disaster contingency. You can have geographic or non geographic telephone numbers for SIP trunks and retain your existing telephone numbers. STCM allow you to decide how to route the calls based on time/date, busy/no answer , hunt groups, and call queueing. Voicemail and a range of statistics are also available ; as are the additional features of area based call routing , caller admission limiting and IVR.

We can also provide for SIP trunks in a variety of formats – e.g with standby SIP trunks or with load sharing . the SIP trunks we provide are suitable for most major manufacturer IP PaBX

Not only are SIP trunks generally cheaper to rent than ISDN channels but they also often come with inclusive 01,02,03 and 07 outbound calls providing for an even greater cost saving.

If you already have ISDN or analogue telephone lines it should be relatively straight forward to either compliment these with or replace these with SIP telephone lines or SIP channels.

SIP telephone lines require suitable internet access which we can also provide

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