The writing is on the wall for ISDN… how will the ISDN “switch off” by BT/Openreach in 2025 impact your business ?

ISDN as a technology ,and therefore as a telephone line for your business telephone system, is dying ( due to be switched off in the UK in 2025 ) and companies are turning to SIP trunk telephone lines as their preferred solution going forward . A SIP trunk is in essence a form of VoIP ( Voice over IP ) telephone line that connects your on premise telephone system ; via the internet (using a form of secure VPN ) rather than via a BT telephone ISDN or analogue line .

Perhaps you think that SIP trunking is too expensive and too much hassle to implement. Fortunately these concerns are unfounded in most cases and the reduction in line rental charges and call charges and the increase in usable features far outweighs any short term change management issues.

If your telephone system is five or more years old then bypass SIP and go straight to Cloud Telephony as this has the potential of reducing your costs even further , future proofing your business telephony and adding a raft of productivity enhancing functionality.

2020: Five years before ISDN lines will be switched off; businesses will no longer be able to buy any telephone systems that use these networks. Although 2025 may seem a long way off, 2020 is less than five years away…

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