The move away from PSTN to VoIP is prompting the end of PSTN telephone lines and PSTN based telephone systems. VoIP feature sets and functionality are rightly popular in business. VoIP technology offers unrivalled mobility, seamless set up, and scalability for business growth .Plain old telephone (POTS) systems cannot compete with VoIP features like:


Ever evolving technology and inclusive firmware updates

Reliable high functionality handsets

Rapid response remote support

Call history and recording by default

Call queuing

Handset , and therefore staff , mobility

Disaster recovery opportunities and contingency planning functions

Quick , easy and cheap scalability

The philosophy with softphones and smartphones apps of working anytime, anywhere


The technology is continually being refined. The trends of 2018 are guaranteed to further streamline business communications.


Faster Mobile Internet

The suitability of VoIP telephone systems is set to improve substantially as more mobile networks upgrade to 5G. Boasting wireless speeds ten times faster than 4G, 5G will ultimately eliminate common troubleshooting issues like call jitter, echoes and packet loss and remove the dependence on traditional forms of internet acecss


Smooth Systems Integration

We have come to expect devices to be easily deployed and our growing dependence on the power of mobility, means that manufacturers are creating IP solutions that seamlessly integrate with VoIP systems . CRM, CTI, PMS, ERP, Android OS and iOS can integrate with other IP devices to enhance the mobility feature.


Act Now

VoIP can give your business a competitive edge over businesses who have not yet made the switch. Your business communication system no longer need involves bulky hardware, intricate wiring and complicated interfaces. Now is the time to shift from PSTN to VoIP, so your business can start enjoying the advanced features, flexibility and mobility of VoIP

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