You may think that when you use social media that you are being protected by the developer or provider of the media ( ie LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, YouTube etc ) or even the internet provider – ISP. Unfortunately, you are not. For business in particular this is bad news. If your staff are allowed to access social media using your business internet access you could be exposing your business to a cyber attack.

We are in a new age of cyber-warfare. It is no longer just the email, web browser, and internet that is being hacked. You must be aware of the new threats.  The text which your colleague received from his brother asking him to open a link may not be from his brother . The Tweet you just read, may not be from the actual source. Cyber-attackers continue to find new holes in business security which allows them to have access to corporate and personal data.

What can you do to stop it?

Be proactive .

If you are unsure of what you need to do then contact Phoenix Link – we can help