The benefits of cloud telephony are numerous. The attached pdf indicates the benefits of the Horizon cloud telephony platform The benefits of Horizon cloud telephony

It was announced this morning about the launch of the Openreach ‘fibre first’ programme and their plans to make Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) broadband available to three million homes and businesses by the end of 2020.

Fibre first final release


ISDN business telephone lines are due to be phased out in the UK in 2025 but until then we can provide ISDN2 and ISDN30e telephone lines for your business. However you would probably be better off with SIP telephone lines or channels for your business. These are cheaper than traditional business telephone lines , quicker to provision , feature rich and portable. SIP trunks require a suitable broadband connection which we can provide along with business grade SIP trunks . As a somewhat unique provision with SIP trunks we are providing Sip Trunk Call Manager (STCM )  which allows , via a portal or mobile app , you to control inbound call routing and therein disaster contingency. You can have geographic or non geographic telephone numbers for SIP trunks and retain your existing telephone numbers. STCM allow you to decide how to route the calls based on time/date, busy/no answer , hunt groups, and call queueing. Voicemail and a range of statistics are also available ; as are the additional features of area based call routing , caller admission limiting and IVR.

We can also provide for SIP trunks in a variety of formats – e.g with standby SIP trunks or with load sharing . the SIP trunks we provide are suitable for most major manufacturer IP PaBX

Not only are SIP trunks generally cheaper to rent than ISDN channels but they also often come with inclusive 01,02,03 and 07 outbound calls providing for an even greater cost saving.

If you already have ISDN or analogue telephone lines it should be relatively straight forward to either compliment these with or replace these with SIP telephone lines or SIP channels.

SIP telephone lines require suitable internet access which we can also provide

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Please be aware of the following MBORC declaration from Openreach:

“This MBORC declaration notification is issued as a special message to all Openreach customers following the recent severe weather experienced in parts of the UK We have seen severe weather impacting parts of the UK , with high winds and heavy rain including some lightning storms, resulting in damage to our network, with fault rates in the affected areas at very high levels.

Openreach is therefore declaring MBORC for repair activities in several areas of the UK

Are you are probably aware  ; at the end of September 2017 technical, licensing and spares support for Toshiba telephone systems substantially ended

Toshiba Northern Europe announced in June 2016 that the CIX and IP Edge product ranges had been moved into a technical support phase. The reality therefore is if your Toshiba system has a fault that your local system support cannot resolve ; it will either be impossible to fix or may well take an extended length of time to fix. Both scenarios being a disaster for your business

So, what are your options?


We would recommend that you  upgrade to a cloud based hosted VoIP  telephone system or  move to another “like for like” Panasonic telephone system. We can supply, install and support either type of system although a cloud based hosted VoIP telephone system has more potential benefits for your business.


Here at Phoenix Link UK we already provide cloud telephone and business internet services to range business here in the UK. We would like to discuss supplying your business with a replacement for your Toshiba telephone system. Interested?


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Cold calling is dead. Stop wasting your sales time with it.

Cold calling’s been in a death spiral for a very long time. As far back as the 1960s Theodore Levitt wrote a piece saying in essence that .. “ your business does better by concentrating on meeting the needs of your customers rather than on selling products “


Cold calling made sense in an age where a telephone call or door knocking were the only ways in which you could connect with buyers directly. But relying on cold calling today makes about as much sense as pulling out a typewriter to send someone a letter. Why would you?


Only 1% of cold calls lead to appointments !!  Only a 1/3 of that 1% of these appointments  leads to a sale!! Virtually all sales now happen because the buyer has already formed some kind of a  connection with the seller before any contact was made.


So why do some businesses today keep on cold calling? Because sales people who’ve been successful in the past have the mind-set that tells them “since it worked in the past, it’s got to work in the future.” Not true.


We don’t live in a world where cold calling a business works anymore.


Most sales managers are not trained to interpret sales analysis data effectively. Instead when they see a decline in sales revenue they often conclude that more cold calling is the solution. They revert to what they believe always worked in the past for them.


In fact, that decline could be caused by changing market conditions, competitive pressure, poor closing skills, a reduction in average order size, or a higher than normal customer churn.


The best sales managers analyse the sales data and look for profitable fixes. They act on facts. They certainly don’t keep pushing a solution that has less than a 1% success rate.


And finally … people in business generally don’t like being sold to …. they just want you to solve their problems.


What should you be doing instead ??



  1. Cross sell

Selling more to your existing customers is smarter, cheaper and far more profitable than finding new customers.


  1. Network ( @NetworkTBN )

Recognize the immense value of word-of-mouth referrals


  1. Be online

Be everywhere and be useful. The best podcasts, posts and how-to videos in sales get traction. People share good ideas.


  1. Be a good listener

This facilitates being able to ask better questions that get at the heart of what your customers really want.


  1. Be a great copy writer

A great copy writer will inspire and help persuade your customer to buy.


  1. Deliver outstanding service

This is crucial. Service delivery will go a very long way toward creating a positive experience, repeat business and peer referrals.



Your business probably cannot function without reliable internet access and telephony.

There are common issues with these vital services for some businesses that we hear time and again …. and when we take on the client we resolve these issues for them. How ? By listening , understanding , being technically skilled and having the best business VoIP , cloud , hosted , WiFi and internet solutions available.

Is this you ……. ??

“My internet speed is too slow and data download allowance insufficient ”

“My office is too remote to get decent internet”

“I have too many communication suppliers and they blame each other when things go wrong ”

“The supplier sold me what appears to be a great package but they are difficult to get hold of and slow to respond when we have an issue nor a question  ”

“I want to be able to talk through my requirements and plans with my supplier and get advice and ideas but all they want to do is sell to me”

“They say I cannot keep my telephone number if I move office”


If any of the above resonates with you or if you just want to understand more about how decent internet access , VoIP cloud hosted telephony and WiFi can help your business then get in touch as we can help . A chat costs you nothing but your time ……

Although a significant business focus for 2018 will be preparing for the introduction of GDPR in May 2018 for businesses in the financial sector MiFID II legislation will need to be managed earlier as it will come into effect on 3rd January 2018. MiFID II changes how financial services businesses must record and store calls (both landline and mobile). Businesses will be required to record and keep the communications of every active participant in a transaction and have to keep these records for at least five years, in some cases seven.

If your business needs MiFID II compliant call recording talk to Phoenix Link . Call 01227 200625 or email

Telephones are a key tool for almost any business and selecting the right telephony solution should be a priority.

Ten “Don’t” suggestions when selecting telephony for your business …..

  1. DON’T use your home telephone number or your personal mobile for your business . Geographic landline numbers that ring on your mobile are cheap and effective and bring immediate legitimacy to your business. Its also going to be a number that you can keep for your business irrespective of  where your premises area and it could be transferred to a SIP or cloud based office telephone system at some stage in the future.
  2. DON’T use a domestic , consumer orientated supplier for your business telephone . They will almost certainly be focused on price rather than quality ; and you want the most economic and effective telephony solution for your business not the cheapest solution on offer. They also try and make your business fit the solutions available rather than the other way around.
  3. DON’T buy a telephone system for your business unless the supplier has visited and surveyed your site and discussed your specific requirements and needs with you
  4. DON’T buy a telephone system from a supplier that is unable or unwilling to provide you with demonstration equipment for you to trial for a week or so.
  5. DON’T buy a telephone system that doesn’t do what your business needs it to do. Modern telephone systems integrate , provide features that help you run your business and promote mobility.
  6. DON’T forget that the “in Life” costs of the telephone system are the most important for your business ; its the “Total Cost of Ownership” that counts.
  7. DON’T buy a telephone system that is not easily expandable and easy to relocate
  8. DON’T forget that the prime function of the telephone system is to take and make telephone calls ; and what your customer experiences when calling your business is vital , so make sure the telephone system can be configured to manage calls in the way you want them managed.
  9. DON’T buy a telephone system where changes are hard or expensive to make
  10. DON’T be afraid of technology . Embrace it to enhance your business ; just making sure you choose a knowledgeable supplier


A new ransomware, dubbed Bad Rabbit, was first spotted on 24th October 2017. The ransomware is the third major spread of malware this year: it follows the wider-reaching WannaCry and NotPetya strains of malicious code. Here’s what we know about Bad Rabbit so far.

The latest strain of ransomware “Bad Rabbit” began spreading across Russia and Ukraine and  there have also been various reports of “Bad Rabbit” infections in Turkey, Bulgaria, Japan, Germany, Poland, South Korea and the United States.

The Bad Rabbit ransomware enters networks when a user on your network runs a phony Adobe Flash Player installer posted on a hacked website. Once “Bad Rabbit” Ransomware has infected its first machine within a network, it then uses an open source tool to find any login credentials stored on the machine, so it can spread to other machines in your organisation.

Adobe’s 2020 deadline for the end of Flash can’t arrive soon enough !!

The Bad Rabbit ransomeware is disguised as an Adobe Flash installer. When the innocent-looking file is opened it starts locking the infected computer. The Flash download has been installed in websites using JavaScript injected into the HTML or Java files of the affected websites. The malware isn’t installed automatically, which means it has to be clicked on to work.


If a person does click on the malicious installer – and given the number of Flash updates issued this is highly probable – their computer locks. After the virus has spread as much as it can on the network, BadRabbit encrypts all files and posts a ransom note instructing the victim to pay 0.05 Bitcoin (about €235/$280/£213) to a specific Bitcoin wallet to decrypt the files


SO FAR – Unlike WannaCry and NotPetya, Bad Rabbit hasn’t spread widely. The majority of incidents have been recorded in Russia and Ukraine. Kaspersky states that “all” of the compromised websites it has seen so far have been news or media outlets.
Here are some tips and ideas on how to stop you becoming the next victim of Bad Rabbit malware :


  • Disable Adobe Flash Player and ignore installer prompts.

Back up any important data, this reduces the leverage the hackers have when encrypting valuable files and making them inaccessible.