Do you record your business calls ?

If you have a cloud hosted VoIP telephone system then call recording should be an easy , low cost , high value option for your business.

But why record calls ?

  • For staff training and assessment – check how staff are dealing with your clients and suppliers on the phone and train to improve
  • For communications clarity and dispute resolution – a recording takes away any argument as to what was said , for example when an order was placed , and if there is a dispute with a client or supplier a recording can be crucial in resolving the issue
  • For compliance – for some industries recording calls is a compliance requirement

What to look for ?

  • Where are the call recording being stored
  • How long are they being stored for ?
  • Can they be downloaded ?
  • How easy are they to retrieve on a “self service” basis ?
  • Are there options for recording all or just some calls ?

Decent cloud hosted VoIP telephony can do much more for your business than just make telephone calls

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