Here we are in 2019 , and the reality and opportunity of VoIP , internet based telephony is just dawning on some businesses – but why only now ?

Most people in their thirties , “twenty something’s” , teenagers and younger don’t know how to use a rotary phone or in some cases that phones without push buttons on touch pads ever existed


More than 40% of international telephone calls are made via Skype


WhatsApp dominates the international mobile-to-mobile calling market and is the App of choice for sending high resolution photographs and “selfies”


“Facetiming” someone is now as natural for a lot of people as make a telephone call


Nearly all NEW business telecommunications equipment and software sales depend on an IP-based infrastructure. EG VoIP , hosted , cloud … call it whatever you like … it all uses the internet


The answer is that a lot of business has for far too long been hung up on the concept that internet based telephony is a low quality , low priced , “ consumer” service …. Not true …


The fact that BT Openreach are ending the staple business telephone lines ( ISDN2e ) in 2025 supports the argument that legacy telecoms is now more


Don’t let your business be left behind