Have you struggled with staff being unable to get to work ? arriving late ? leaving early ?


Could you have done with being able to divert your incoming telephone calls ?


Do you know how to divert your incoming telephone calls ?


Your business telephony should have a contingency for diverting incoming calls when you don’t have the staff to answer the calls. Yes you could let calls ring out or go to voicemail but is this the best option for your business ?


We suggest that :-


  1. You have a plan for how you are going to manage your incoming telephone calls when staff are unable to get to work – this might include diverting calls to staff at home , or to their mobiles or even to another office within your organisation
  2. You know how to divert your incoming calls to ( for example ) a mobile or know who to contact to get this arranged ( for example here at Phoenix Link you only have to call 01227 200625 or email ask@telephoneskent.com to make a divert request – we would need to know when you want the divert to go on and when you would want it removed )
  3. You consider moving to an Inbound number platform or Cloud or SIP based telephony where it is much easier for diverts to be put in place ( often by you whenever you want to ) than with traditional ISDN and analogue lines – we can help with this


Contact Phoenix Link on 01227 200625 or ask@telephoneskent.com for more help & assistance