As a part of Gamma’s network ongoing commitment to the cloud PBX product, Horizon, they will be undertaking a migration activity of all voice and signalling traffic.

As part of the ongoing network infrastructure updates they will be routing traffic off of the network elements that are now approaching the end of their technical life. It is also a precursor to deliver some new and improved services, such as advanced Call Recording, PCI Compliancy and Horizon Meet our new Audio, Web and Video conferencing service, in 2018. These services are being developed and tested on the new infrastructure.

The migration period, which is scheduled between the 24th October and the 7th of Nov, consisting of 5 individual change control windows. Although the anticipated impact has been kept to a minimum, the process of migrating this traffic carries some risk and your service will be impacted.

During the maintenance window there are two key timeslots where service will be impacted: 00:00 – 00:15 the update being deployed on the network will cause devices to become unregistered.

Horizon Companies will be unable to receive and place calls during this time and any programmed diverts or schedules will also be inoperative. 00:15 – 01:15 devices will automatically reregister based on an internal timer that refreshes its registration once an hour.

Hence, in the worst case, a devices unregistered status may last up to an hour. Any divert or schedule setting will operate as programmed. The vast majority of Companies and users should see no real impact as all handsets will automatically reregister with an hour of the initial 15 minute period from midnight completing.