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Cloud Telephony
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Cloud Telephony

Benefits of moving to cloud telephony include cost savings, ease of set-up, flexibility , mobility , feature richness and bespoke support.

Cloud Telephony

Cloud Telephony

Market Research

With much market research showing that 74% of UK businesses think that they need a better communications network to deliver higher customer service levels, there's a an opportunity to help provide this with cloud telephony.

If it's all new or jargon to you give us a call on 01227 200 625 and one of our team will gladly talk you through the options to find the right telephony set-up for your office.

The business benefits of moving to cloud telephony include cost savings, ease of set-up, flexibility, mobility & feature richness. For more information contact Phoenix Link at ask@telephoneskent.com or by calling 01227 200 625.

So what is Cloud Telephony?

Well, very simply, cloud telephony works in much the same way as a traditional telephone system but without the control unit on the wall or in the server cabinet. Phoenix Link provides a variety of cloud based telephony options including the Horizon platform .

We also provide Smartphone Apps which allow the user to have full telephone system functionality without having a telephone system. 

The Benefits

There are potentially huge benefits of moving to this technology and very few down sides. The benefits include:

  1. Cost saving on telephone line rental
  2. Low CAPEX...
  3. Reduced call charges... with inter site calls being free and beneficial call packages
  4. Multi site benefits... cloud based handsets generally will work on any internet connection anywhere in the world
  5. Simple to use mobility options including twinning with other handsets including mobile smartphones and the use of virtual mobile apps
  6. User control through a web portal for things like call recording
  7. Large telephone system features without the investment (voicemail, call recording , number presentation , auto attendant , hunt groups , call groups and much more..)
  8. On-going software and functionality development
  9. Never miss a call... call history is easily viewed and voicemail to email works well
  10. Redundancy and disaster contingency planning because the inbound calls can easily be redirected and the handsets moved
  11. Smart call routing
  12. Reduced maintenance and service charges
  13. Cloud telephony benefits from the ever growing availability and reducing cost of high speed, reliable , internet access

Alongside cost reduction, research shows that one of the main reasons for cloud telephony integration is its potential to mobilise the work force. Essentially using VoIP as the access route allows businesses to be more flexible by benefiting from advanced communication features while, at the same time, reducing the cost of calls and the cost of ownership.

So if you need 1 handset or 1000 handsets you should be looking at cloud telephony solutions.

For more information call Phoenix Link on 01227 200625 or email ask@telephoneskent.com for details.

What is Horizon?

Horizon is a cloud telephony system designed for any size of business that offers powerful features to reduce your total costs and improve productivity and image.

Please see this PDF for the full list of Horizon Features.

With Horizon, You Will Have..

  • Lots of advanced calling features
  • Financial savings & Productivity improvements
  • The benefits of technology without the hardware
  • A system that improves your customers'' image and professionalism

Horizon - Polycom VVX410/411 - Chapter 1 - Using the speakerphone and answering calls

Horizon - Cisco IP Phone SPA504G - Chapter 1 - Using the speakerphone

Horizon Overview

Horizon User Tips

Horizon for Business

Horizon Training for Business

For additional information on the areas we cover and the range of services we provide please contact us or call us on 01227 200 625.

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